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Tarot Decks
The Gilded Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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ISBN: 0-7387-0520-9
78-card deck, 150 page companion book
Boxed set, includes black organdy bag

"Each card in The Gilded Tarot is a small masterpiece. . . . A gorgeous addition to any tarot enthusiast's collection."
New Age Retailer

"The Gilded Tarot is one of those rare gems where the long-awaited reality is far better than I could have ever imagined. Every card is still as enchanting as that first glimpse, with details so rich they reveal something new every time. . . . Whether you've been reading for years or have never touched a card, the Gilded Tarot set would make a wonderful addition to anyone's collection."
Tarot Reflections

2005 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Winner!

Heralding archetypal elements of traditional Tarot, The Gilded Tarot is teeming with shimmering, classic imagery. High priestesses in flowing robes, wise emperors, knights on majestic steeds, mystics wielding magical tools, and other intriguing characters from medieval times abound in the Major and Minor Arcana. This richly colored, easy-to-use deck also features standard symbols for the card suits—swords, cups, wands, and pentacles—which provides universal appeal.

This boxed set also includes The Gilded Tarot Companion, a clear and insightful guidebook to the deck's structure and each card's significance, and black organdy bag to hold the cards.


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