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Passwords and Passages
by Lyrion ap Tower

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5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 83 pages

"Witches understand that MAGIC is real. The reality is the Magic of Earth, Moon, Stars, and our own beating hearts. Passwords and Passages connects our hearts to all of nature."
Laurie Cabot H.Ps., author of Power of the Witch, The Witch In Every Woman, and Celebrate the Earth

"Passwords and Passages is one of those delightful rare finds in Pagan literature - a memorable and moving collection of accessible prose that you will find hard not to finish in one sitting. Once your soul has been touched by the beauty and economy of HPS Lyrion ap Tower's wordweaving, you will find yourself turning to this enchanting chapbook time and time again."
Blackthorn, for Pentacle Press® 2007

Passwords and Passages takes the reader on a journey through shadow and light – the turning of 'The Wheel' – as manifested by the cycles of Nature, the human experience, and the greater journey of the spirit. Author/poet Lady Lyrion ap Tower, has drawn upon her years as a celebrated ritualist to create a remarkable piece of wordcraft – bestowing light and life into universal themes that resonate with the Pagan heart.

A collection of short stories, essays, and poems (including "Name" – a winning entry in the National Organization of Women's Essay contest), selections from Passwords and Passages have been adopted by Wiccan groups for use in rituals and ceremonies.

Author Lyrion ap Tower is High Priestess of the Granite Tower (New Hampshire). With her life-partner, HP Raven Windrider ap Tower, she is an instructor of Wicca, and a regular participant in inter-faith discussion panels representing Wiccan worldviews. A frequent guest on New England radio and television, Lyrion stays grounded through her passionate study of herbalism, and regularly conducts wildcrafting walks and 'healing brews' workshops. The beams of her kitchen "are laden with seasonal herbs and mushrooms, and my cupboards are filled with tinctures...".


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